5 dicas sobre gifts você pode usar hoje

5 dicas sobre gifts você pode usar hoje

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Swedish-made Plantstraws may look like art pieces, but these brass tubes actually do the important work of keeping plants alive. One end of the simple metal tube goes into a water vessel (such as a vase), and the other goes into the soil of a moisture-loving plant.

For the movie lover who has exhausted Netflix’s offerings, or for the film buff who would enjoy diving into a collection of the classics, a subscription to The Criterion Channel provides access to some of the most critically acclaimed films of all time. Among the available films are those dating back more than 100 years and others that come from virtually every corner of the globe.

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This classic cartridge pen has a comfortable hexagonal grip and a smooth writing tip, and it’s beautiful to behold.

Readers can choose one book per month from five to seven options, for about half the price of a regular hardcover. The price includes shipping, and the app helps you keep track of your reading.

This simple and elegant key ring requires no prying or wrestling; it comes in brass, stainless, and black.

Easy ordering and stylish bouquets make this flower-delivery service our Home favorite. Choose from three sizes. The company will reliably deliver anywhere in the country.

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And on days when your giftee is carrying less, interior ties transform this tote into a bundled, bucket-style bag. Thanks to its short and long handle lengths, this bag can be clasped in the hand or slung over a shoulder. Either way, with its buttery-soft leather and minimalist lines, this tote is guaranteed to look chic.

Any chef worth their salt keeps a vessel of it near the stove at all times. Emile Henry’s Salt Pig is a favorite for good reason: It has an easy-to-access mouth and an unglazed interior for absorbing salt-ruining moisture. The curve of the snout (do we call it a snout?

The cashmere edit is filled with luxurious separates to elevate your everyday casual wear. Explore classic crew-neck knits and sumptuously soft accessories in a kaleidoscope of colours and versatile neutral hues.

This gift is whimsical and useful, and it’s not likely to be something your hard-to-shop-for friend already owns. The Ilex Studio Avocado Vase deftly cradles a pit so that it rests in the water without being submerged.

This perfect box of chocolates offers expertly executed flavors and an eye-popping array of shapes and textures.

Simple and ingenious, these brass tubes are threaded with a cotton cord, to slowly draw water from a container vessel into the soil of your plants.

And the wooden handle is easy to grab, so the vessel works well for ladling tasks, too. This petite pot also looks adorable sitting on a kitchen counter.

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